• Kawabonga, rent service for expresso machine sustainbable.

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  • Our service

    Exceptionnal coffee

    Quality : First criteria to choose our coffee producers


    Whatever you prefer the sweatness of Arabica or the strength of the Robusta, we choose our coffee bean from producers engaged and passionated. We keep sustainable chart for buy these precious beans

    Coffee machine and re-using

    WhatIsit ?

    Our Coffee machines are built from recycled components.

    Scales, overheat, used, we know all currents weaknesses of our coffee machines that's why, we impove it for be strongest machines

    Circular economy around coffee

    Consumers you are, producers we will

    The used coffee ground should be recovered for many applications Fertilizer, Susbtrat. Cakes. As consumer you should be an coffee ground producer. The coffee that you buy will be discounted with your coffee ground that we produced. In addition, be manufacturer and renter of coffee machine at the same time stay an incredible tool to fight the planned obsolescence.

    Removal of useless matters

    Aluminum, plactic It's very convenient ! But it's very useful ?

    4 Billions : that's number of plastic cup used per year in France. Our Service delete plastic from cup or alimimun capsule. Even if certain recycle that, we prefer to do not use it.

    Simple renting service

    You take your coffee, we take our responsabilies

    Coffee machines are renting by pair to get maximum SLA of coffee service


  • Our Values

    Our engagement, our philosophy, our convictions

    The conservation of the environment

    The conservation of the environnement is deeply in DNA of KAWABONGA. We think it's necessary to rethink fully the value string around the coffee. Let it be coffee production, coffee machine manufacturing or the recovery of bio-waste or the delete of useless materials. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint for next generations.



    The quality

    Passionate about aromas, flavors or amerthume and all the wealth that keep all bean of coffee, quality became an obsession for us. Each day we attempt to make coffee better than yesterday.

    The sharing of wealth

    We are convinced in setting up an circular economy between producers, consumers and other partnership, we allow to continue an economy more just for everyone.


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    Up conférences

    Up Conférences du Groupe SOS accompagnies Social Solidarity Economy project.



    Hackerspace which share knowledge and experimentation

    Accenture Fundation

    Fundation which accompagnies social innovation project.



    Prevention and recycling bio-waste

    Ecofrugal Project

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